Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Matt Cavenaugh's Tidy Whitie Debut in Urban Cowboy

Anyone familiar with the Natural City Man blog knows that I adore Broadway Matinee idol, Matt Cavenaugh. Not only is he amazingly talented, possessing a fine tenor voice and handsome good looks, his ass is amazing.  I remember seeing the ill- fated 2003 musical based on the John Travolta film, Urban Cowboy, and marveling at a newcomer named Matt Cavenaugh who commanded the stage with his sheer presence from the very first moment he stepped on stage . The fact that one of his very first numbers in the musical found him being stripped to his tidy whites by two cowgirls might have had something to do with it. I certainly enjoyed how he filled out those white briefs. I often wondered if there was a video record of this show in existence,  and recently I found footage of that scene which I am presenting below at the end of the feature. It's interesting to note that in the same year that Matt debuted on Broadway in Urban Cowboy, he also appeared in the film Sexual Dependency also wearing only an ass- hugging pair of white jockey shorts.  Clearly, great creative minds think alike.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Dylan McDermott Shows His Ass In The Treatment

I'm really excited about this feature.  In 2006, I saw Dylan McDermott in an off-off Broadway production of  Eve Ensler's The Treatment.  Dylan had just finished his run in the long-running television series The Practice, and apparently chose this extremely non-commercial play because he believed in both the work itself and the author.  It was a difficult play to sit through, but I remember being overjoyed by the second scene in which Dylan appears on-stage in tidy whities showing a nice bulge. Halfway through the scene, Dylan pulled down his underpants and spanked his own butt, providing the audience with a beautiful view of his lovely ass. I remember being totally surprised by this display of nudity, since up until this time, Dylan had been extremely reticent about showing any real skin. I searched for years for video of this play but to no avail.  My prayers were finally answered last week, and I'm happy to share this video at the end of the feature, along with numerous photo caps. Enjoy!