Monday, April 21, 2014

Roberto Bolle: Behind The Scenes of Rethink Energy


If there's anyone who still is not convinced that Italian ballet dancer, Roberto Bolle, is the most beautiful man on earth, witness this new video he appears in called "Rethink Energy" . I'm presenting here first the "Behind The Scenes" video and then the completed video at the bottom of the feature. Dressed only in flesh-colored trunks which suggest complete nudity, Roberto bends, flexes and extends his gorgeous muscles in a variety of breath-taking poses. I've capped some of my favorites here.




Thursday, April 17, 2014

Austin Cauldwell : Naked and Fucking in Intimacy

My good friend Evert, a fellow participant in the Just A Dream website sent me some incredible video of hunky actor Austin Cauldwell recorded during an off-Broadway performance of Intimacy, a production that featured naked actors throughout engaged in fairly graphic but simulated sex acts. I gather one actor actually simulated cumming on stage and it was so realistic the audience was left wondering if it were real or not. Austin is not traditionally handsome but he's ever so cute with his unruly hair, his furry chest, his trimmed pubes, very well-sized cut dick and a lovely bottom that's ever so rimmable! In this video he provides the audience with ample evidence of his thrusting technique! Enjoy!



Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Cheyenne Jackson Naked And Fully Loaded!

This photo allegedly of Broadway hunk, Cheyenne Jackson, naked in a harness has just surfaced.  A New York City chorus boy claims that Cheyenne sent me the photo. I'm finding the black outfit of his body in this photo somewhat questionable though.

Late last year a jerk-off video surfaced also alleged to be of Cheyenne Jackson. There's apparently a tattoo visible on the working wrist in this video, which experts claim matches Cheyenne's. I can't say for sure but whomever this video is of, he sure shoots an amazing load!   


Monday, April 14, 2014