Friday, March 30, 2012

Broadway Bares XXII: Happy Endings

Colt Prattes
It's that time of year again. Broadway Bares has just announced that its June 17th benefit at Roseland will be entitled Happy Endings, paying tribute to the world's favorite fairy tales while setting them in a modern-day burlesque show setting. Here are some of the promotional photos of the cast, as well as the official Broadway Bares Promo (below).   
Nick Kenkel
Adam Perry
Robb Sherman


Tickets are on sale at Proceeds accrue to Broadway Equity Fight Aids. Rumor has it that the pre-Broadway Bares Solo Strip show is being moved to the new club XL on West 42nd Street this year and is scheduled for Sunday, May 6th. So go see some gorgeous rumps, stuff a few bills in some jocks and fight HIV/Aids! 

Favorite Ass Of The Day : Michael Fassbender

Michael Fassbender has apparently replaced Jake Gyllenhaal as the gay man's flavor of the month. Michael is featured in the latest Obsession. I've included a screen grab of the infamous Michael Fassbender dick shot from Shameless for your viewing pleasure. I rather like his bum. 

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Favorite Ass Of The Day : John Stamos

I've always had a thing for John Stamos, ever since he was starred in the TV Situation Comedy, Family Ties.  He's been quite coy however about doing on-screen nudity.  His exposure is frankly limited to a very nice ass shot in the otherwise forgettable film, Knots (featured above.)  Several years ago, however, John must have been overcome by the thought of being surrounded by thousands of gay men, screaming for him to strip at the annual Broadway Bares benefit in New York City and he willingly complied in this comic strip. He's got some cute cheeks!

Reks, one of the nicest members at the Just A Dream website pointed me toward a better quality copy of this video so that we may be accorded a clearer view of  John Stamos' ass


Jett Adore Stripping as Zorro


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jett Adore and the Art of the Strip-Tease

One of my secret pleasures is watching guys do a strip-tease. I know you're saying to yourselves , "Well, that a no-brainer: who doesn't enjoy a hunky male stripper taking off their clothes and grinding in your face"? This is not what I'm referring to. Jett Adore is part of a male burlesque group called the Stage Door Johnnies and he practices the art of the old fashioned burlesque strip-tease. His costumes, staging and music are all meticulously thought out, sometimes they're even more elaborate than those at Broadway Bares. Needless to say, his body is in beautiful shape and he displays it amply at the conclusion of his strip. FYI. He usually strips all the way to a tiny G-string but so far he's chosen not to go the full monty. In the video posted here, Jett strips to Pavorotti's rendition of Nessum Dorma. Puccini must be rolling in his grave. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

An Homage to Cowboy Butt

Drink Starbucks And Support Marriage Equality


Monday, March 26, 2012

Broadway Beauty Pageant 2012 (extended video)

Well, here's a YouTube link to my extended video of the Broadway Beauty Pageant 2012, which is too large a file to post on this blog.

The video runs about 30 minutes.  I have to apologize in advance for some of the shakiness. It was a bit challenging to shoot the video. I was sitting behind two women who for some reason thought it was appropriate to wear huge hair to the Symphony space for this occasion. Maybe they were trying to outdo the drag queens. I also had someone behind me who felt the need to reaffirm the events on the stage by screaming out the performers' names along with the words, "Yes" and "Girl" and "You Go". A few times, it's funny but all night long, it gets to be very annoying. I unfortunately don't have any footage of Wilkie Ferguson's solo turn at the piano during the Talent Competition and frankly, his talent segment was probably the best of the evening, although probably too serious for this event. He's a fantastic pianist. My biggest disappointment is that there wasn't more skin on display, not even one naked bum. That's just cruel. The producer's did rein in the judges and host this year. Last year they were allowed to ad lib for hours and event went on way too long. In any case it was a pleasant benefit for a good cause. Please contribute to the Ali Forney Center at

Here's the link to my YouTube video:

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Nude Self-Portraits and the "white" space

I like to call it the “white” place and as the name suggests it’s just a basic light background, totally noise free with no particular detail but flooded with lots of bright light.  Photographing one’s self-portrait is a very personal thing, since essentially it’s creating an image of yourself in which you must express how you’d like the world to view you.  I find backgrounds and objects in a self-portrait usually get in the way of the mood being conveyed of utter isolation and self-concentration.  Self-portraits by their very nature are somewhat narcissistic and in the case of nude self-portrait there is also an element of exhibitionist involved.  The starkness of a white background helps to focus these elements.  The self-portraits featured here were all shot on the balcony of my hotel room in Cancun about seven years ago.  It was an assignment for a still life photography class I was taking at the time. Initially I tried photographing the scene utilizing the adjacent hotel balconies as a background.  An example is included in this batch of photographs and while not totally unsatisfying,  I found the background too busy against the nakedness of my image. Moving to a white wall flushed with a lot of light, helped me maintain the quiet and the introspection of the photos. Hope you like the end results.