Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sebastian LaCause : Broadway Bares Alumni

I love it when he slaps his own ass!


Please Let's Review Romney's Record

I try to keep it light on this board but now is not such a time. In his political career, Mitt Romney has taken every position on virtually every important issue of our time. He was pro-choice before he became pro-life; pro-gay rights before he joined the gay haters on the Far Right and actively campaigned for the repeal of Massachusetts' marriage equality law, pro- health care mandate before he viewed it as a government assault on personal freedoms, pro-bankrupting the automobile industry before he credited himself for saving it. He incessantly speaks of all the jobs he created while at Bain Capital but doesn't seem to remember if he created 10,000 jobs, 100,000 jobs or 400,000 jobs. He is positive however that Obama created none during his time in office, although labor statistics clearly attest to the fact that under Obama the private sector has experienced a growth in jobs that this country hasn't seen since the last Democratic President before him, Bill Clinton. Romney now has made the amazing public statement that a requirement for being elected president should be three years of experience in private business. Aside from the fact that running a business is far different than running a government in which profit motive is not the only consideration, let's consider the fact that Romney's proposed presidential criteria would have disqualified most of past presidents but why let facts get in the way of Romney's political posturings. What Romney doesn't seem to want to discuss is his dismal record as Governor of Massachusetts. During his tenure, Massachusetts ranked 47 out of 50 states in job creation, not at all something to brag about. The Obama Administration has produced this video about Romney's accomplishments as governor. Before anyone even considers voting for him, they should watch this video and consider what a dismal failure Romney's one term as governor of Massachusetts actually was.


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Broadway Bares 14: Hollywood Inspired Strips

 Broadway Bares went to the  movies in its fourteenth season and presented strip-teases that were inspired by favorite Hollywood films. The highlight of the evening for me was clearly the James Bond strip performed by tall, dark and hunky dancer Eric Otte.  I've posted the video below.


Here are a collection of short strips from the same event, allegedly "outtakes" from such popular films as Risky Business, Sorry Wrong Number and The Good, The Bad And The Ugly. Too bad these were such short strips, since they were better than some of the extended numbers.


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

William Levy Robbed Of DWTS' First Place

 Anyone who watched the finale of Dancing With The Stars knows that William Levy was robbed of the first place title, just as Gilles Marini and Evan Lysacek were in the past. Do the producers of this television series have it out for handsome "model" types that also happen to be gay icons?

I've posted above a video I found that nicely recaps all of William's best moments in his underwear modeling career!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Matthew Morrison Strips for Broadway Bares

Before Matthew Morrison hit it big on "Glee", he was the resident Broadway matinee idol, having scored positively in South Pacific and Light In The Piazza. While still appearing as Lt. Cable in South Pacific, he graced the stages of Broadway Bares and surprised us with some nifty brake-dancing and some modest stripping. I remember regretting at the time that he didn't strip down to a thong but at least he was courageous enough to show up for this benefit.


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Joshua Buscher : Best Ass On Broadway

The hottest ass on Broadway belongs to Joshua Buscher, a favorite of Broadway Bares. Josh recently performed at XL Nightclub in Solo Strips for Broadway Bares and his hard, round butt practically stole the show! I've included here photos and video from two of his best strip-teases and what a tease this guy is. In the first video from Broadway Bares 20 Strip-opoly,  Josh is Mr.Monopoly. Watch the way he relishes showing his butt and there's a devilish playfulness about him as he pulls down the pants on two other chorus boys, fondles their asses and becomes the cream filling in this dancing chorus boy sandwich!

Who wouldn't like to grab that firm, round butt?

Josh as Mr. Monolopy in Strip-opoly

The second video I've featured here (below) was shot two years ago at Splash Bar in NYC for Broadway Bares Solo Strips.  Notice the Josh works that rowdy crowd, bumping, grinding, flashing that dynamite smile. By the end of his strip, the audience was practically begging him to display his well-muscled firm ass. Josh just seems so at ease getting naked for a leering audience!


Here's Josh stripping at Splash Bar in 2010 and I've including his finale twice with lots of ass grinding, shot from two different angles.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Can't Get Enough of Stripper Kieran Hayler

It seems my blog followers just can't get enough of Male Stripper Kieran Hayler. Kieran is one hot Brit and he thrills the ladies at the Adonis Cabaret on weekends. He describes himself as "a full monty" performer. Those who have seen the frontal shot he posted on Twitter when he reached 1,000 followers know that he has a very large uncircumsized dick! I keep tweeting him and asking him to make a video so that those of us on this side of the pond can see him in all his glory! So far, he's not responded.

Kieran is on the extreme left side in both photos. Kieran was apparently on a naked holiday with a few stripper friends. Do you think they shared one hotel room?

The Adonis Strippers. Kieran is the third from the left.