Friday, June 29, 2012

Angel Corella's Farewell to the ABT (June 28, 2012)


I have a confession to make: Angel Corella is my very favorite male ballet dancer.....EVER! I remember being amazed by him when he debuted as a teenager with the American Ballet Theatre in 1995. I couldn't believe that someone so young could possess such technical brilliance. He was made a Principal in 1996 but I suspected the ABT would be hesitant to allow him to explore Dancer Noble roles because of his height and a generally cheery on-stage personality which usually lends itself more towards character roles. Luckily I was wrong. Angel took on the heavier roles in Swan Lake, La Bayadere, Romeo And Juliet fairly quickly and became the most accomplished of ABT's male dancers. Last night, the American Ballet Theatre said goodbye to Angel with his final performance with the company in Swan Lake. As usual, Angel gave his all and it was a beautifully nuanced performance but I did notice that he was favoring his back on a few of Paloma Herrera's lifts, something I had never noticed before. Angel started the Corella Ballet a few years ago which has now been re-named  The Barcelona Ballet. Hopefully he will continue to dance and choreograph for his new company and bring his new company to New York each year so that his New York fans can continue to enjoy his artistry for many more years to come.   

The company members paid their respects to Angel individually on stage after the actual performance and embraced him warmly while his fans cheered him on. 

Marcelo Gomes kisses Angel goodbye while David Hallberg watches on.
Cory Stearns wishes Angel well.

Angel's Brother-In-Law dancer Herman Cornejo congratulated Angel

Former ABT dancer Jose Carreno surprised Angel with a farewell visit

After the curtains had closed, Angel's fans would simply not let me go home. They called him back two more times, forcing the stagehands to open the curtains once more so they could shower him with flowers.

Goodbye, Angel. NaturalCityMan will miss you!

All photographs on this page were shot by me last evening. Here's the video that I shot of the 15 minute curtain call from Angel's ABT farewell performance: 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Magic Mike: Finally Released in the US

Every gay man in America has anxiously been awaiting the release of Magic Mike, Channing Tatum's semi-autobiographical film directed by Steven Soderbergh about his days as a male stripper. The film has now been released in most major US cities and the reviews have been generally good. I've recapped here all the juicy photos that have been released so far that feature the naked butts of the film's stars Alex Pettyfer, Matt Bomer, Channing Tatum, Cody Horn, Joe Manganiello and even Matthew McConaughey. The asses of these male idols are heavily promoted in the international trailer which has also been included below. Given the buzz generated by this film, I can't imagine why the producers were reluctant to include some frontals in the final cut. My dream (probably my wet dream) is that the frontals will be put back into the director's cut of the DVD release, along with complete strip-teases as a special features on the deluxe version.