Friday, August 31, 2012

Clint Eastwood : GOP Embarrassment

 You'd think someone at the GOP would have understood that it might not have been such a good idea to provide a mouthpiece to a rich, angry, old white dude who reinforces the impression many independent voters already have in connection with the composition of this political party's base! Clint's extended stand-up at the podium was offensive, unfocused and just plain bizarre. Because I basically like Clint Eastwood, I'm going to forgive his lapse in endorsing the despicable Mitt Romney and will attempt to redeem his flagging image by presenting his better side here. 

Thursday, August 30, 2012

In Support Of Prince Harry

In support of Prince Harry, who's picture holding his junk was splashed all over the tabloids last week, military men and women have posted to Facebook their own suggestive photos dressed mostly in their birthday suits with just one hand covering the goods. I've picked out the best of these photos in the male category and posted them below, along with my own tribute.

                    Below is my personal salute to Prince Harry ---- some of the bits got through!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Pine Creek Full Monty

I love it when I find videos of straight guys doing the Full Monty at a charity benefit. This one is from Pine Creek, New Zealand and a male nude calendar was apparently produced in connection with the event. I don't have very much more information about it than that except that these guys show a lot of courage in that they do a REAL full monty, dicks and all! Some of the guys even have nice butts! Enjoy.


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

NEW Quinn Jaxon Behind The Scenes Video

There's a new Quinn Jaxon Behind The Scenes Video from underwear manufacturer Andrew Christian and there's plenty of Quinn's cute little ass on display within. Unfortunately we don't get to see any of his monumental dick in this video but there's always next time!


Monday, August 27, 2012

Asked And Answered Session #1

 I haven't exactly gotten an overwhelming number of questions, since I suggested a regular Q&A feature on naturalcityman blog but I did get a few interesting ones as follows:

1. You have a hot ass.  Are you a bottom?

I'd like to start by thanking this questioner for the compliment on my posterior.  Actually I usually like to top but on occasion when I'm very horny, I like it when my wonderful husband bottoms me. I think he enjoys the change and the unmistakable feeling of power and dominance.

 2. Are you HIV positive?

No, I am not but I am a strong advocate for safe-sex and the use of condoms in casual relationships.  I worked for about five years for the largest Treatment and Prevention agency in NYC and strongly support their efforts to advocate condom use. Although we have made tremendous progress in the drug treatment of HIV/Aids symptoms, we should not become complacent and presume that contracting HIV/Aids is something that can be treated easily with drugs. Use a glove unless you're in a long-term , monogamous committed relationship and understand that even then there's a risk.

3. Are you cut?

Yes, check the photos.

4. Were you always athletic and in good physical shape? No, I was a bit overweight as a young boy and struggled in school during gym class mostly because physical education was so poorly taught when I attended high school.  Instead of trying to encourage fitness, it focused on competition and competitive sports, neither of which I was interested in. I chose to take up track and was amazed to learn that I was fast and quite good at it. Later in life I became certified as an Aerobics Instructor and participated in competitive Aerobics.

 5. Were you always comfortable with public nudity?

I guess so and I'm not entirely sure how that came about. My parents were not exactly nudists, although they made sure not to transfer any negative connotations about the human body. When my parents saw one of my early fitness modeling photos that featured me almost nude, they were initially taken aback but later told me that they thought I looked great.

6. Why do you tend to feature a lot of shots of male butts and not many frontals or hard-ons?

See my answer to question 1. Seriously I find many frontals shots are just raunchy and not very erotic. The male ass on the other hand is a never-ending source of inspiration for me. I do occasionally feature photos of guys with erections and these are the ones that I find tastefully photographed. Recently I saw Dirk Shafer's new photos For Playgirl. They are mostly all full hard-on shots and they are outstanding. Now that's a gorgeous dick!

7. Will you ever post a photo of yourself fully erect?

No, I seriously doubt it.

8. In one of your features on a rugby team that performed in a Full Monty strip routine for charity, you mentioned that you did too. Could you provide more details and some photos?

In the days when I was a part-time Aerobics Instructor, a fellow instructor asked if I would participate in an Aids benefit at a club he belonged to along with three other male instructors. It was to be a mixed male/female audience. The idea was that we would each perform a solo in which we stripped to a thong and then would all come back for a finale in which we did the Full Monty. It was to be a real full Monty and I didn't have a problem with it provided none of my class members were to be attending. He assured me that was to be the case, since it would be an invited "members only" audience. I was the second person to perform my strip solo and sure enough four of my students, three female and one male, were sitting right up front. I wasn't happy about it but I got over it. I was too nervous not to! After all the solos were completed, we all assembled on stage for the Full Monty and true to our word, we took it all off! The audience hooted, hollered and screamed and it was very ego-boosting. I was just happy that my little friend was fully warmed up, if you catch my drift. There are no photos That I'm aware of from this event and it pre-dated cellphones, so there's also no video.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Reese Rideout Stripper/Porn Star Extraordinaire

Reese Rideout is one of those exceptional guys. From the first day he appeared on the porno scene, the fans went nuts for him. His adorable boyish face, that incredible chiseled body, and his charismatic charm emblazoned his sexual energy across the screen. This versatile performer has shown his talents from appearing in such movies as Alley Cats and That Dirty Secrets to his crazy antics in our live strip shows. It's not only his smoking hot body, gorgeous cock and perfect that grabs everyone's attention, it's his irresistible smile.He always seems to be enjoying his fuck scenes, whether he's sucking someone off, rimming them senseless or just fucking their brains out. It's hard to believe he's a gay-for-pay performer..

                                    In the clip above, Reese teaches some newbies how to strip.


                                   This clip features a memorable three-some with Nicco Sky.


                                         This clip just features some fantastic Reese Rideout fucking!


Another fantastic suck and fuck fest!