Monday, March 4, 2013

Vote for my Nude Self-Portrait at Aussielicious

 Please help me out guys.  My nude self-portrait is currently appearing in a photo contest at the Aussielicious website. There are a lot of terrific photos in the running, so this one is a real long shot.

                        My photo is listed as #1 David.

                        If you like it, won't cast a vote for me? Here's the link:


                        Thanks in advance.
UPDATED: Brenton Parry, the creator of the Aussielicious blog apparently received complaints from some of his blog readers claiming he unfairly favored one of the contestants in this contest by featuring him on the voting page.  He's halted the voting and according to his blog he plans to reconfigure the voting page and start the voting over again. I'll keep you all posted and I may have to ask you again later to vote for my photo one more time. 


  1. As great as the back of you is, I would love to see some more self-portraits with that big beautiful cock of yours on display!

  2. Thanks, Artlessdodger. I'm sure if you check the naturalcityman blog regularly, my cock is bound to pop up, so to speak. I've got something especially hot planned for when we hit 500K page views!