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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Andrew Christian's New Fratboy Video : Initiation with the Cockyboys

Andrew Christian just released another fratboy hazing video with the Cockyboys.  It features the current stable of Andrew Christian underwear models/gay for pay porn stars including Jake Houser, Topher DiMaggio, Cory Zwierzynski and Pablo Hernandez in various stages of undress and lots of cock bulging through AC jockstraps, cute naked butt and simulated cum shots. The video is at the end of the feature. Enjoy!



Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Roberto Bolle Almost Wearing D & G

I'm running a little low on inspiration today.  Hence I'm only going to post this terrific selfie that Italian hunk ballet dancer Roberto Bolle tweeted to his fans, which finds him in summer Dolce and Gabbana.  Roberto's hard muscular buns barely fitting into D&G's brief-style swim suit has driven me to distraction this morning!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Richard Gere: Young And Naked

Someone recently uncovered this rare nude photo of Richard Gere, which he apparently posed for in his early twenties.  I always thought he was incredibly beautiful in his youth, and this early nude photo confirms my assessment. I'm not sure if there are other examples of Mr. Gere's early modelling work, but I hope and pray someone uncovers them and uploads them for all to see.  Rare beauty such as this should not be hoarded!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Michael Phelps Naked For ESPN Body Issue

The prayers of gay men all over the world were answered this week, when naked photos of Olympian swimmer Michael Phelps were released by ESPN as part of it 2014 Body Issue.  Let me go on the record and state that I don't find Michael to be a particularly good-looking guy with his big teeth and funny ears but something about him works and that's the ease of his personality and that irresistible smile. His body with its long developed muscles is absolutely incredible: his ass and bulging outer thigh muscles are worthy of a Michelangelo sculpture. I do wish ESPN had shot a few photos of his amazing ass head-on, instead of from the side, but I'm sure editorial decisions were heavily negotiated. I've uploaded the video interview with Michael Phelps at the end of the feature.